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November 1, 2016

Brittany Rodriguez

“I have been dancing for 16 years. I started out with ballet for 8 years then I joined the dance center and began Hip-Hop. I did hip-hop for a couple years then I decided I would like to do jazz and modern as well. Out of the three styles I would say Hip-Hop is my favorite because it’s were I feel the most free while dancing and I enjoy every second dancing that style of dance.

My favorite thing about dancing is being happy while I’m doing it, dance is my place to escape from everything negative. Dance is a way to express feelings and emotion and that’s my favorite thing to do while dancing is to tell a story. There are some challenges that do come to dancing and one of my challenges is timing, I always rush with timing at first because I want to make sure I have all the correct moves and that it’s all on the correct time, but I always rush, I then tell myself to take it slow and if I mess up with timing to just practice over and over to find the right time.

Dance has been in my life for a very long time so when it comes to scheduling things I schedule things around dance, if there is an event for a family or friend or appointment on a day of dance or rehearsals then I would miss it or re schedule. It’s kinda hard balancing life with dance because I dance almost every day for a hour and a half or more a day, and if it’s during the school year it’s a little harder because of school work so I stay up late if I had a late night class at the dance center. I don’t get to see family or friends as much because I have late classes till 6:15pm or 7:45pm and I live in Healdsburg so by the time I’m home it’s late and I have to start homework. Balancing is a little challenging but I make it work.

Advice I would give to a beginning dancer is “don’t give up, don’t worry what others think about you, we are all dancers and we are here to dance and have fun”. Advice I would give to a 5 year old is ” have fun in class because you’re doing great”. Advice for a 12 year old is “have fun in class, focus on yourself, try your best, and never give up”. Some advice I would give to someone who has never performed before is “Before you go on stage breathe in and out, tell yourself you can do it, you’ve worked so hard to finally perform, and if you mess up nobody would know they would think it’s part of the dance so enjoy it out on the stage!”. Performing in dance is important because you get to show everyone how hard you work for a dance, how much you’ve grow and learn in class, performing is such a great feeling, I know that performing makes me super happy that I got to share such great choreography from amazing teachers to everyone in the audience.

I would love to become a professional dancer in the future, I will definitely work hard as I possibly can to do that, a lot of people have told me that I would never make it in life being a dancer, it always breaks my heart but I put them a side and just focus on making myself better in dance and to prove them wrong some day. My goal in five years is that I will be a professional dancer or a back up dancer for a singer and tour with them all over the world and live my dream!”

Brittany Rodriguez