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Tickets are now available for the Dance Center performing companies ‘Spotlight’ event, see details in ‘upcoming events’ –> Please purchase at the studio front desk, while supplies last!

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Balanced Achievement!

(UPDATE: since doing this interview with us, Katie has now moved fully into teaching and even originated classes in tumbling and choreography! go Katie!!)

Katie Carlin

“I started dancing in the summer of 2013 after a long gymnastics career. I had been on a search for a new sport or hobby to fill my time and desire for physical activity. Starting out, I felt very uncomfortable, especially with the idea of people watching me. Once I realized that everyone else felt the same, and no one cared what I looked like when I danced, I was able to loosen up.

I started slow with just jazz and jazz technique. Once I felt semi-comfortable in these classes, I added in modern. I started in beginning modern that year and found it so much fun that I auditioned for the senior modern company, DC Gravity, in the spring. I was amazed to hear that I had made the company after being in such low level classes that same year, but I was excited regardless.

The following year I had much more confidence, so I decided to add hip-hop to my repertoire, a very fun and enjoyable class. With three styles, five classes, another sport, a job coaching Crossfit, and my hardest year of high school, I was very busy. I had to become very organized with a set schedule so that I could fit everything into my week.

This year is my last year of high school so I decided to try to cram my schedule even more. Along with adding a second performing company, On the Accent (jazz), I was offered the opportunity to teach! I currently teach Teen Jazz 1 and will soon be adding Beginning Teen Jazz, Beginning Teen Modern, and Teen Modern 1.

The Dance Center has become my second home and my second family. It has allowed me to leap outside of my comfort zone and mature as a dancer and a person. I am very grateful to all of my teachers for helping me grow in this way and I hope that I can do the same for the younger dancers at the DC.”


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Welcome Back Dancers!

Happy 2016!!! Let’s all resolve to attend our classes regularly and to come with enthusiasm and a positive cooperative attitude! New Year, New You!! Be the best you can be!

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Happy New Year Dancers!

The studio OPENS again Monday January 4th with our regular class schedule. Please note that you should’ve received a mailer regarding the June shows – please read and respond ASAP!

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Happy Holidays and here’s to 2016!

No matter how or what you are celebrating during the winter break, we hope that your days are filled with family, friends, and good cheer. Above all enjoy and refresh so that you can start dancing with vigor in the new year! See you soon!

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What an incredible company show! ‘Gotta Dance’ was a resounding hit. All of you dancers were so professional, so fatastic! Thank you to everyone who came out to support our amazing performers!

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