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Dance helps your academics!

Did you know that maintaining a commitment to an after-school activity helps you to be a better student? It focuses you regarding time management, it helps you to keep all aspects of life in perspective, it forces you to be well-rounded, and if that activity involves a physical component (like dance), it keeps both your body and your brain healthy and happy. In addition, many studies have now concluded that activities such as dance and music correlate tightly with performance in math and science. So keep dancing you amazing scholars!

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Class adjustments and additions

The excitement of the new session also brings along the need for the occasional logistical adjustment – switching teachers, adding a class, deleting a class, etc… We thank you for your patience and remind you to always check with the front desk to see ‘what’s new’ and where you stand on a waiting list, if applicable.

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Class etiquette

With the new session beginning we want to remind all students that it is important to be respectful to both your instructors and fellow dancers. Be on time, dressed, and ready to dance. Sign in and put your belongings carefully tucked away on the chairs or off to the sides. Socializing during class should be kept to a minimum – this is the time for dancing, not chatting. Never talk to other dancers while your teacher is giving instruction. Most importantly give it your all, try new things, and have a ton of fun!

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Keep up your commitment!

It is so wonderful to see many of our dancers taking ‘extra’ and more challenging classes during the summer session. This continued dedication will propel you in your dance skills and confidence! Way to stay with it!

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Hooray! Job well done!

Congratulations to ALL of our wonderful performers who wowed the crowds during our June shows.

The audiences LOVED it and many of our dates were sold out or nearly sold out!

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The kid’s show weekend was incredible! So much fun, talent, focus, and lots of smiles…. plus we SOLD OUT!

Tonight (Thursday 18th) the teen/adult show opens (7:30pm), with additional shows on Friday (7:30pm) and Saturday (2pm and 7:30pm). Come early if you don’t already have tickets!

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Important Show Info!

Dance ‘line-ups’ and assignments to A vs. B shows are now posted for both the kid/preteen show AND the teen/adult show. Dress rehearsal for A shows are on Tuesdays and B shows are on Wednesdays. Please discuss rehearsal and costume/hair/makeup details with your instructor(s). CALL TIMES are always 1 hour before curtain (show time). 

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