Where is the studio located?

The Dance Center is located at 56 W. Sixth Street in Historic Railroad Square in Santa Rosa, CA.

Click here for directions

When is the studio open?

Regular business hours are:
Weekdays – 3 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Saturdays – 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Sundays – Closed.

Contact us by phone at (707) 575-8277 or by e-mail at admin@thedancecenter.com.

How can I register for the class?

  1. Call the studio (707) 575-8277for information on class placement.
  2. Fill out a Registration and Class Enrollment form.
  3. Enclose a separate check for your tuition plus a $32/student – $42/family registration fee.

Bring your registration materials to the Studio or drop your registration forms with appropriate payment in our mail slot at:

The Dance Center
56 W. 6th St.
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Sorry, we aren’t offering registration over the web – we prefer to meet with you in person to discuss a personalized dance program. Classes fill quickly! To avoid disappointment, we advise you to register early.

For information on tuition rates, see the tuition and fees section of this website.

New students

We take great care to place students in appropriate classes for their age and experience levels.

If you have questions, call before you mail in your forms and we will help guide you to the appropriate classes.

When do classes begin?

Fall classes began on Monday, August 19th. For more information, click on the Class Schedule tab on our home page or check our studio calendar.

Tuition and fees?


A fee of $32 per student/$42 per family and is due when you register for classes. Fees are non-refundable and covers registration costs for the entire dance year.


Monthly dance tuition is based on prepayment for classes. Tuition is based on an annual average of 4 lessons per month (1 class hour per week) and remains constant for each month. During the year, some months have more than 4 weeks so class tuition averages out over the entire year. A full month’s tuition is required for each month regardless of holidays. Makeup sessions are encouraged for any missed or cancelled classes.  Tuition remains the normal amount for the show month of June and covers regular class time as well as rehearsals and performances.

Tuition rates for the 2013 – 2014 dance year are:

45 mins./wk $50.00/mo.
1 hr/wk $58.00/mo.
1.5 hrs/wk $84.00/mo.
2 hrs/wk $108.00/mo.
2.5 hrs/wk $130.00/mo.
3 hrs/wk $156.00/mo.
3.5 hrs/wk $182.00/mo.
4 hrs/wk $192.00/mo.
4.5 hrs/wk $216.00/mo.
5 hrs/wk $240.00/mo.
5.5 hrs/wk $264.00/mo.
6 hrs/wk $288.00/mo.
6.5 hrs/wk $312.00/mo.

We offer a Dedicated Dancer Discount. Individual dancers who are enrolled in more than 6 of dance per week can qualify their immediate family for a 20% discount on monthly tuition.

For additional information of tuition, fees or family rates call us at 575-8277 or send us an email at admin@thedancecenter.com.

Do I need special shoes or clothing?


Jeans, baggy clothes or school clothes are unacceptable.

Children may wear jazz pants, bike shorts and close fitting shirts. Adults may wear comfortable clothes that allow ease of movement.
Tights, leotards, close-fitting tops or jazz pants. Knee pads for floor work in upper level classes may be required. No shorts , no skirts.
Close-fitting tops, dance pants or tights.
Ballet, children’s program:
Pink tights and any color leotard so teachers can see proper alignment. Hair should be neat and/or tucked into a bun. Boys: Black ballet slippers, white t-shirt, black tights or black bike shorts.
Hip Hop – No jeans. No large baggy shirts so teachers can see you move. Knee pads might be required. Adults may wear comfortable clothes that allow ease of movement and shoes that will only be used for Hip Hop.


Dance shoes should only be worn in the studios, never outside or on concrete.
Protect your investment, avoid wear and tear and keep studio floors clean.

Tap: Black tap shoes – Mary Jane style for children and oxfords for all other ages. Heeled tap shoes and “jingle taps” are discouraged. Replace children’s tap shoe ties with black elastic so shoes can slip on.
Jazz: Black jazz shoes. No jazz sneakers.
Modern: Modern sandals, socks or bare feet.
Ballet: Pink ballet slippers or black jazz shoes.
Hip Hop: Clean, non-marking, supportive tennis shoes used only for dance class, not everyday shoes.

Dancers should change into proper dance clothes before class and should come to class dressed to dance. Tights, leotards, bike shorts and close-fitting dance clothes are the only appropriate attire so teachers can observe proper body alignment. Hair should be neat and styled to be kept out of the face.

NO GUM, FOOD or DRINKS (except bottled water) IN STUDIOS!

Performing opportunities?

The Dance Center offers some great opportunities with performing companies in tap, jazz, modern and hip hop.

Tap Companies

Taptations (ages 8-10)

Taprrific (age 10-13)

Rhythm (age 13+)


Jazz Companies

On the Beat (ages 10-13)

On the Accent (age 13+)


Modern Companies

DC Motion (ages 8-10)

DC Harmony (age 10-13)

DC Gravity (age 15+)


Hip Hop Companies

DC Fresh Crew junior hip hop (ages 10-13)

DC Tribe (age 13+)

Dancers are selected for individual companies either by audition or by teacher recommendation. New dancers are welcome to try out. See company directors for more information or to discuss requirements.

Can I observe class?

Classes can be observed from our windows or from the hallway so you can marvel at your child’s progress. All doorways must be kept clear so we can maintain safe exits. If classroom blinds are lowered, we ask that you respect the teacher’s choice to concentrate on teaching and learning during that session.