Tuition and Fees


Monthly dance tuition is based on prepayment for classes. Tuition rates are based on an average of 4 lessons/month (1 class hr./ week). A full month’s tuition is expected from all students each month regardless of holidays.    

Our  Registration Fee is $32/person or $42/family. Fees are due at registration and are non-refundable.

 Tuition Rates for 2017-2018

45 mins./wk. $50/mo.
1 hr./wk. $60/mo.
1.5 hrs./wk. $90/mo.
2 hrs./wk. $112/mo.
2.5 hrs./wk. $140/mo.
3 hrs./wk. $168/mo.
3.5 hrs./wk. $196/mo.
4 hrs./wk. $208/mo.
4.5 hrs./wk. $234/mo.
5 hrs./wk. $260/mo.
5.5 hrs/wk $286/mo.

We offer Dedicated Dance Discounts.  Individual dancers who are enrolled in 6 hours of dance classes per week can qualify their immediate family for a 20% discount on monthly tuition.  To inquire about tuition rates, classes or for additional information call us at 575-8277 or send us an email at