Tuition and Fees


2016-2017 Dance Year


Our registration fee for the dance year (August – June) is $32/person or $42/family. Fees are due at registration and are non-refundable.


Monthly dance tuition is based on prepayment for classes. Tuition is based on an annual average of 4 lessons per month (1 class hour per week) and remains constant for each month. During the year, some months have more than 4 weeks so class tuition averages out over the entire year.

A full month’s tuition is required for each month regardless of holidays. Makeup sessions are encouraged for any missed or cancelled classes. Tuition remains the normal amount for the show month of June and covers regular class time as well as rehearsals and performances.


45 mins./wk $50/mo.
1 hr/wk $60/mo.
1.5 hrs/wk $90/mo.
2 hrs/wk $112/mo.
2.5 hrs/wk $140/mo.
3 hrs/wk $168/mo.
3.5 hrs/wk $196/mo.
4 hrs/wk $208/mo.
4.5 hrs/wk $234/mo.
5 hrs/wk $260/mo.
5.5 hrs/wk $286/mo.
6 hrs/wk $312/mo.
6.5 hrs/wk $338/mo.

For additional information of tuition, fees or family rates call us at 575-8277 or send us an email at