Somebody                   PLATINUM (Alyson Oakley, tap solo)
On The Beat                HIGH GOLD (Pulse Jazz Co.)
To The Max                 HIGH GOLD (Pulse Jazz Co.)
Fire                              PLATINUM (Nicole Denison & Haven Koehler tap duet) Placed 5th in Top 10
Runaway                     PLATINUM (Kaylin & Kensey Fechter acro duet) Placed 9th in Tap 10
Made of Glass             PLATINUM (DC Unity)
Lean Back                    HIGH GOLD (Wave Jazz Co.)
Smooth Criminal          HIGH GOLD (Rhythm Tap Co.)
Lights                           HIGH GOLD (Wave Jazz Co.)
Stuck                           PLATINUM (DC Unity Contemporary Co.)
Game of Survival         HIGH GOLD (DC Expression Contemporary Co.)
Good Feeling               PLATINUM (Rhythm Tap Co.) – Placed 7th in Top 10
Choices                       PLATINUM (DC Expression Contemporary Co.)
So Much Better            PLATINUM (Hailey Albini, tap solo) Placed 8th in Top 10
Thule                           PLATINUM (Abby Cunningham, contemporary solo)
Spiderman                   HIGH GOLD (Footloose Tap Co.)
I’ve Arrived                   HIGH GOLD (Vibe Jazz Co.)
Control                         HIGH GOLD (DC Melody Contemporary Co.)

Spiderman – Footloose Tap Co.- Judge’s Choice Award for Choreography
Made of Glass, DC Unity Contemporary Co. ­- Wild Card entry to perform in final show

5 Dance Center dancers awarded an Adrenaline scholarship:
Hailey Albini – Rhythm, DC Unity
Ella Alexander – Footloose
Tallulah Bingham – Rhythm Tap
Abby Cunningham – DC Unity, Wave Jazz
Brooklyn Taylor – DC Melody, Vibe Jazz


Kudos to all our amazing dancers and performing companies……