Performing Companies

The studio offers some great performing opportunities with dance companies in Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop.

Dancers are selected for individual companies either by audition or by teacher recommendation and new dancers are welcome to try out. See company directors for more information or to discuss company requirements and commitments.

Tap Companies

Directors : Emily Hartley, Nina Raggio

Taptations (ages 9-12)
Footloose (age 12-14)
Rhythm (age 14-18)
Footnotes (adult)

Jazz Companies

Director : Katy Lohse

Vibe (ages 9-12)
Pulse (ages 13-16)
Wave (ages 15-18)
(formerly: Elite)

Contemporary Companies

Director : Danielle Maca

DC Melody (ages 10-12)
DC Reflection (age 13-16)
DC Expression (age 14-18)

Hip Hop Companies

Troupe Director : James Dory
Shorties Director: Angela Perkins

DC Shorties (ages 8-11)
The Troupe (ages 11-16)