Tuition & Fees

(Based on 4 weeks per month)


45 mins./week $58
1 hr/week $68
1.5 hrs/week $102
2 hrs/week $128
2.5 hrs/week $160
3 hrs/week $192
3.5 hrs/week $224
4 hrs/week $240
4.5 hrs/week $270
5 hrs/week $300
5.5 hrs/week $330
6 hrs/week $360

Contact front desk staff for tuition rates over 6/hours/week.

Annual Registration Fee is $35/dancer or $48/family (parents and siblings living in the same residence). Fees are due at registration and are non-refundable.

Enrollment is complete once classes are verified and payment is processed.

We offer automatic payment by debit card or credit card for monthly tuition. Information is kept strictly confidential. All credit card transactions will be processed within 48 hours of the transaction date unless specific arrangements are made in advance with Dance Center staff. For additional information on tuition, fees or family rates, call us at 575-8277 or contact us by email.


Our Summer Registration Fee is $15/person or $20/family. Fees are due at registration and are non-refundable.
Summer tuition rates are for the entire six-week summer session. Family rates are available as well as pro-rated tuition to work with your summer vacation plans.

Six-Week Tuition Rates

45 mins. $75.
1 hr $90
1.5 hrs $135
2 hrs $180
2.5 hrs $225
3 hrs $252
3.5 hrs $294
4 hrs $336
4.5 hrs $378
5 hrs/wk $420
5.5 hrs/wk $462

Summer refunds will only be made in the form of a credit towards future classes. Classes missed due to vacations, not taken into account at the time of registration, will not be refunded or credited but may be made up in another class.

To inquire about our make-up classes or for additional information of tuition, fees or family rates call us at 575-8277 or contact us here.