Styles of Dance

The Dance Center offers a comprehensive program tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, musical theater, acrobatics and strength & conditioning. Our highly experienced and caring teachers provide a positive learning environment for every student, at every age and at every level of experience. In addition to these six styles of dance, The Dance Center schedules adult multi-style, multi-level ‘Fusion’ class and Master classes and dance workshops throughout the dance year.


Tap covers a range of styles from the Broadway style of specific tap steps in a straight tempo to the more syncopated style of rhythm tap based on jazz-influenced patterns.


Jazz is a ballet-based style that explores a dynamic range with . choreography influenced by music from lyrical to pop and blues.Emphasis is on technique and alignment in jazz combinations.


Ballet instills balance, strength, and coordination. Progress is determined by the technical level achieved in class, each year building on the previous knowledge. Ballet is an important part of every dancer’s training.


Contemporary uses movement as a tool for self-expression. Drawing from all styles of dance, the dynamic quality can expresses a theme, an emotion or inspiration from a musical transition.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a funky and dynamic dance form with roots in street dance, African, Jazz, and numerous flavors of movement. It emphasizes rhythm, isolations, footwork, strength, and style presented in a high-energy positive environment.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theater combines elements of theater dance with singing and acting. Class includes script reading, stage direction and combining theatrical elements to present musical numbers from Broadway shows or movies. One year of dance experience is recommended, not required.

Acrobatics and Strength/Conditioning

Acrobatics and Strength/Conditioning classes develop techniques for all styles of dance and stage performance. Classes include flexibility development, lifts, tumbling, strength development and stage theatrics. One year of dance experience is recommended, not required.